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About Us

Koolstof creates fresh, fearless and immersive video content that elevates your brand.


We work with companies who share our sustainable ethos.

Everything we do is centred on amplifying the profile of ethical brands as we transition to a more conscious society that values fairness, creativity and collaboration.

Based in Manchester in the North of England, we are placed perfectly for access to world-class production facilities and industry talent.

Our creative and editorial standards are built on decades of experience making world-class content.

Why Koolstof?

After years of witnessing the wasteful and thoughtless practices that take place in content production,

we came together to create something better.

Koolstof makes sensational content that embodies ultra-high production and ethical values.


We exist as a link in a transitional supply chain that is rapidly evolving to facilitate a better world and a more secure future.  As fairer and more ethical companies proliferate, Koolstof is the natural partner to showcase your products and services in a way that reflects your values.


We make our content in a way that reduces the damaging impacts of filming.


Once we’ve done all we can to keep our impact as low as possible we offset any remaining carbon emissions through industry-approved schemes that represent the best quality available.


From established businesses

to new start-ups, Koolstof is

the catalyst that connects your

story with your audience.

Our creative force comes as



Koolstof prioritises local crew who are trained in the most up-to-date carbon literacy, ensuring they understand climate science.

Our network of clients and

suppliers represents a growing global community that is fuelled

by passion, leadership and a commitment to change.

Our community is as diverse as our ideas.


Koolstof only works with people

and companies who share our values.

We engage our entire supply chain, from banking to branding, to assess our working practices and drive

sustainable change for our clients and consumers.

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